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  • Exolon. Episode I: Origin  v.1.1Exolon remake. Improved gameplay and usability. 100 original levels in the first episode. Press CTRL to shoot, hold for missile.
  • Exolon. Episode II: New Wave  v.1.1Exolon remake. Improved gameplay and usability. 100 original levels in the second episode. Press CTRL to shoot, hold for missile.
  • Tiny Cars 2  v.1.1Tiny Cars 2 is a completely new thrilling sequel of famous Tiny Cars. The gameplay attracts with its novelty and common knowledge at the same time. All fans' requests came into play in more bonuses, the Multiplayer mode, new improved AI, and advanced ...
  • Civ4: Better AI  v.1.01A mod of the Civilization 4 DLL (SDK) with the goals of improved AI and ability to load saves from plain BTS. Gameplay (rules) are unaltered. Where possible, speed is ...
  • PIG Mod  v.1.0A mod for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword Probably Improved Gameplay Mod is a full featured mod for BtS with only careful gameplay adjustments and minor content additions.
  • Package-jitsu  v.1.0A better GUI front end for Yum, the Fedora/RHEL package manager. Package-jitsu is intended to solve a few usability issues of front ends like Yumex or Pirut, such as adding multithreading and improved search and sorting capabilities.
  • Beat Ball 2  v.1.0.5Beat Ball 2 is a Break-out / Arkanoid style game with improved graphics and sounds, advanced features and it comes with a level editor. Download and/or create levels, MediaPacks, VoicePacks and enjoy multiplayer functionality and Internet Highscores!
  • Frogger - Atari arcade remakeOne of the top 100 viedogames of all the times. Frogger is a 1981 arcade game licensed for U.S. distribution by Sega/Gremlin, and developed by Konami. The game is regarded as a classic and was very popular for its novel gameplay and ...
  • WebAsyst Address Book  v.1.1Web-based contact management software. Centralized storage for your business and personal contacts. It allows you to organize contact entries into folders and share access with your team. Enhanced navigation and usability. Folders are sorted in ...
  • ForeUI Prototyping Tool for Mac OS  v.2.57An amazing tool to create static or interactive prototype for software/website in your mind. It will ease the process of idea sharing, feedback collection, design documentation and usability testing etc. You can use ForeUI to mockup quickly with ...
  • HqMAME  v.3A modified version of recent MAME with support for xBRZ and HQx high quality image scaling filters and usability tweaks: - lean implementation on top of standard MAME - high quality image scalers: xBRZ and HQx - takes advantage of ...
  • Flalls  v.1.0Flalls is a colorful arcade game with new enthralling gameplay and excellent graphics in which you help the two teams of Flalls get to the purposed game field.
  • ABF Magnifying Tools  v.1.2ABF Magnifying Tools is a set of useful graphics tools for viewing the screen area in different zooms. Each tool has its unique behavior and usability. All tools supplement each other and helps designers and people with poor eyesight.
  • Xeno Assault II  v.1.3Save the universe in an all new sequel to one of the most highly praised computer games of 2004. Xeno Assault II offers breathtaking gameplay and heart pounding arcade action the likes of which is rarely seen in galaga-style shooters.
  • Online Image Editor  v.2.1Online Image Editor (OIE) is a special enhancement for any CMS or internet user. The user only once downloads the special component and he can edit images directly from within his browser.
  • BattleTanks II  v.1.0Sometimes you run across a game that just makes you say "Wow". Battle Tanks II is one of these. The effects, graphics, sound scheme, fluidity of gameplay, and design of this game is simply astounding!
  • Jewel Quest  v.4.2Jewel Quest is a member of the great game genre, "Three in a row" and will provide hours of fun time! The game uses simplicity, novel gameplay and beautiful music in the background to entice you to play for hours!
  • AVG Internet Security  v.7.5.488a1138Complete security protection against all of the most serious Internet threats, including viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, hackers and spam.
  • Puzzle Mania: Chronicles of Unicorn!  v.1.0Puzzle Mania: chronicles of unicorn is a unique game combining new but recognizable gameplay and perfect plot which will take you through all the game levels to the aim of your journey! Each stage is unique and does not repeat throughout the game, as ...
  • Hyperballoid 2  v.1.1Hyperballoid 2 is a new high mark for the genre that pushes the boundaries of visuals, gameplay and user customization. Clear your schedule and set your imagination free because Hyperballoid 2 is ready to play!
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  • Jewel Quest Jewel Quest is a member of the great game genre, "Three in a
  • AVG Internet Security Complete security protection against all of the most
  • Apache Pivot Apache Pivot 1.4 is a powerful platform for building rich
  • Online Image Editor Online Image Editor (OIE) is a special enhancement for any
  • Beat Ball 2 Beat Ball 2 is a Break-out / Arkanoid style game with
  • Midish Midish is a MIDI sequencer/filter for Unix-like operating
  • BattleTanks II Sometimes you run across a game that just makes you say
  • Space Journey Space is waiting for you. Welcome to the starship! In
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